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   Mobile  Drug  Testing  24/7


Companies with drug testing programs typically experience a 51% reduction in workplace injury rates within two years of implementation, but many employers find it challenging to set aside to time to develop and maintain a program, or they feel the initial investment is somewhat cost prohibitive. The overall savings in the long run is substantial.

Paragon can develop a custom-tailored onsite mobile drug testing program for your company that is:


  • 100% turn key. We handle everything—development, management, and reporting, so you can focus on your business. You will love our fast and personal service.

  • Cost and time-effective. We come to you, so there is virtually zero down-time. All drug and alcohol testing is done on-site, so your employees don’t have to take time off to go to a collection site.

  • Reliable. Our results are accurate and defensable. We use technology to detect adulteration of test specimens, reducing the opportunity for cheating drug tests.


If you would like to reduce absenteeism, increase productivity, reduce workplace accidents, and possibly reduce workers comp premiums, get in touch with us at 859-429-0030 or contact us online today.

We can quickly and accurately test for all types of drugs and offer 5 panel, 10 panel, expanded opiate, specialty drug testing, and DOT drug testing in addition to alcohol testing.

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