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Drug Free Workplace


The answer is yes. However, the main initial concern of many businesses is that a drug-free program will be cost prohibitive or will turn away prospective new hires. Drug Free Workplace programs more than pay for themselves. Drug abusers know which employers drug screen and which do not. Guess where the drug abusing job-seekeers go for employment...

The following statistics clearly support the implementation of a drug-free workplace:


  • 1 out of every 5 workers aged 18-25 abuse drugs on the job

  • 80% of internal embezzlement, fraud, and pilferage in the workplace is drug-related.

  • 73% of all drug users are employed.

  • 80% of these steal from their employer

  • 300% more sick benefits used by substance abusers.

  • 220% more requests for early dismissal or time off by drug abusers

  • Drug abusers are 300% more often late for work.

  • Drug abusers have almost 4 times more work-related accidents

  • Drug abusers 5 times more likely to file a Workers’ Compensation claim

  • Employed drug abusers use 2.5 times more medical benefits.

  • Alcohol and other substance abuse costs each company $1,000 per employee per                       year in healthcare costs and decreased productivity

  • Drug abusing employees cost employers $15,000 annually on average

  • Drug abusing employees are absent up to 20 times more often

  • Drug abusing employees are 1/3 less productive on average

  • 38-50% of workers comp claims are substance abuse related

The Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA) and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) conducted

a survey of human resource professionals in March of 2011. They recorded that companies with high workers' compensation incidence rates reported a drop from 14 percent to 6 percent after implementing drug testing programs, an improvement of 57 percent.

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