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Drug Free Workplace Training



Supervisor Training (2) Hours

•    24/7/365 online access
•    No software to install
•    Employee self registration
•    Online record keeping
•    Printable Certificates
•    Administrative tracking tools & reports

The Supervisor’s Role: Focuses on the Supervisor’s role in maintaining an effective drug free workplace. Material includes: reasonable suspicion, signs and symptoms, stereotypes, intervention, enabling, documentation as well as DOT specific material.
Drug Testing: Teaches employees and supervisors the basics about the drug testing process, from specimen collection to lab analysis and medical review.
Alcohol Testing: Trains employees and supervisors about the basics of alcohol testing and the testing process. Material includes reasons for testing, evidential breath testing, SAPs and DOT specific material.
Employee Awareness Training: Provides Employees with a basic understanding of the Problems associated with drug and alcohol use and the impacts of that use on the workplace. Employees learn when to say when and why to Say “No.”

Supervisor Training meets the DOT (2) Hour reasonable suspicion requirements.



Employee Awareness Training

•    Available on-demand 24/7/365
•    No software to install
•    Interactive interface keeps employees Engaged
•    Training records stored automatically
•    Employees can self-register
•    Module quizzes help ensure Comprehension of training materials
•    Prints certificates of completion
•    Economical

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