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On-site Mobile Testing

Fast Dependable Results

par·a·gon:  a person or thing viewed as a model of excellence

Simply put, Paragon helps create a safer and more productive workplace through drug screening programs and employment background searches while adding the convenience of onsite drug screen collections. On post-accident drug tests, there's no need to send one of your supervisors with the employee to a clinic, wasting time and money. Also, for pre-employment, you'll have instant results to make informed and timely decisions.

Paragon is based in Florence, Kentucky. We provide personal and professional service to Northern Kentucky businesses and beyond. With collection sites all around the US, we can custom build your drug screening program no matter where your business is located. We will custom build program just for your company. Like things done a certain way? Like personal communication? Need help navigating through a drug testing policy? You've come to the right place. Paragon is fast, flexible, and friendly...Oh and did we mention mobile?


Advantages Of On-Site And Mobile Testing

Save time and money through limited down-time

On-site testing done conveniently at your location

Perfect for mass hiring needs

Cost-effective for remote locations

Critical for post-accident needs

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